Diary March 12, 1916

Grand Admiral Tirpitz
Grand Admiral Tirpitz (middle), the creator of the German fleet, with the Kasier (left) and Admiral von Holtzendorff, the resigned Fleet Commander (serious illness).
Diary for Sunday, March 12, 1916:

Sea War

Adriatic: Admiral Haus memo to Conrad prevents Austrian Fleet making a ‘ruthless undertaking’ with Army’s planned Tyrol offensive, cites 25 or more narrow escapes by cruisers and below from Allied submarines.

Southern Fronts

France: Allied Chantilly conference decides on status quo for Salonika; Italians say offensive in Albania impossible.
Italian Front: Italian artillery action on Middle Isonzo.

Middle East

Persia: Baratov occupies Karind, west of Kermanshah.
Afghanistan: Amir tells Hentig Mission he will allow c.20,000 Turco-Germans to attack Baluchistan, but Britain has given 40,000 rupees.


France: Allied Chantilly Conference decides on March 13 for summer offensives.

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