Diary March 12, 1917

Students and army deserters fire on police
Students and army deserters fire on police in Petrograd.
World War One Diary for Monday, March 12, 1917:

Home Fronts

Russia: FIRST RUSSIAN REVOLUTION (­until March 15). Whole 17,000 Petrograd garrison joins crowds. Temperature 0°F. Duma
prorogued but forms Provisional Government at Tauride Palace. No bread or transport. Only 2 regiments and the police loyal to Tsar in sporadic street fighting.
Canada: Third War Loan opens.
Britain: Bread order makes sale by weight compulsory.

Eastern Front

Russia: Tsar leaves STAVKA for Petrograd. By now CoS Alexejev convinced no offensive to support Nivelle possible, only end of July.
Galicia: Successful German raids near Zloczow­-Tarnopol railway, Brzezany and on river Narajowka.

Sea War

USA: State Department announces that all US merchant ships sailing through war zones to be armed.
Atlantic: Q-ship Privet sinks U-85 (Petz) off Start Point near Plymouth (UC-68 blows up on own mines there on March 13). US SS Algonquin torpedoed without warning (US Healdton on March 22).

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