Diary March 13, 1917

British and Indian Military Mounted Police
British and Indian Military Mounted Police on the Western Front, pictured at this time.
World War One Diary for Tuesday, March 13, 1917:

Western Front

Britain: In London Haig and Nivelle sign clarifications of command spheres.
Somme: British advance guard now 11 miles from Bapaume. Further gains east and northeast of Gommecourt.
Aisne: ­Germans repulsed at Hill 185.
Meuse: Fighting near St Mihiel.

Sea War

USA: Navy Department authorizes armed merchant ships to take action against U-boats.
France: Parliament Commission de la marine de guerre urges anti­-U-boat directorate and priority to patrol craft.
BalticPetrograd: Revolu­tionaries murder captain of refitting cruiser Aurora, crew elect first ship committee. Mutiny at Kronstadt naval base (until March 14) kills c.40 officers and NCOs, 162 officers arrested. Fleet C-in-C first main one to accept Provisional Government (on March 14).

Home Fronts

Britain: Government takes over all quarries and mines (non-coal). First WAAC (Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps) enrolled, mainly ex-Women’s Legion.
Russia: Izvesteya (Petrograd Soviet formed on March 12) paper first published. Crowd storms military Hotel Astoria but British present save many Russian officers.

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