Diary March 14, 1915

Dresden shows white flag
German light cruiser ‘Dresden’, tracked down, shows the white flag.
Diary for Sunday, March 14, 1915:

Sea War

Pacific: German cruiser Dresden (24 casualties) blows herself up under white flag off Juan Fernandez after being trapped at anchor by RN cruisers Kent, Glasgow and Orama thanks to collier signal intercepted the day before. Crew interned in Chile (Lieutenant Canaris, 1934-44 Abwehr Chief, one of the escapees reaches Berlin on October 4).

Western Front

Meuse-Argonne: Joffre announces his intention of launching offensive. He proposes to attack in Woevre, reducing St Mihiel salient by simultaneous surprise attack on both active faces of triangular-shaped salient by 3 corps, with subsidiary attacks on either flank.
Flanders: ­Germans capture part of St Eloi after exploding mine; Belgian success near Dixmude.
Champagne: French secure most of the Sabot Wood and make breaches around Hill 196, repulse several counter attacks next day.


Britain: Churchill vainly cables Grand Duke Nicholas to allow Greek help in Dardanelles. British Ambassador Buchanan tells Tsar ‘After the war Britain and Russia will be the two most powerful empires in the world’.


Italy: Chamber passes defense bill.

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