Diary March 15, 1943

Erich von Manstein
Field Marshall Erich von Manstein, the most brilliant German military leader in WW2. He was the architect of the Blitzkrieg against France and despite outnumbered 1:10 he defeated the Red Army after the battle of Stalingrad and recaptured Kharkov.
strong>WW2 War Diary for Monday, March 15, 1943:

Eastern Front

Southern Sector: Kharkov recaptured by Germans.

Air War

Eastern Front: Russians bomb German pontoon bridges over river Don.
Pacific: Australian and Dutch bombers drive off Japanese convoy approaching Aru Islands (East Indies).

Sea War

Pacific: US 7th Fleet formed in Southwest Pacific.
Channel: British MTBs sink 2 transports in convoy off Terschelling.
Atlantic: Troop transport Empress of Canada (21,500t) sunk by Italian submarine Leonardo da Vinci.


Finnish-German trade agreement.

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