Diary March 16, 1916

Le Mort Homme ('Dead Man') Ridge at Verdun
Le Mort Homme (‘Dead Man’) Ridge at Verdun shows the results of the intensive artillery fire.
Diary for Thursday, March 16, 1916:

Western Front

Verdun: Renewed German assaults on Mort Homme and Vaux, latter repels five attacks. German III (Brandenburg) Corps withdrawn to regain strength (1916 class conscripts joining since March 7).

Middle East

Armenia: Russians take Mamahatun, 800 PoWs and 5 guns (c.47 miles west of Erzerum).
South Persia: Brigade-General Sykes’ Mission lands at Bandar Abbas, recruits 180 police men (until March 31).
Egypt: Chauvel GOC new Anzac Mounted Division.

African Fronts

Sudan: 2,000 Egyptian troops invade Darfur from Nahud.
East Africa: After Pacific voyage German blockade­ runner Marie reaches Sudi in south and lands 6 guns, gun shells for (meanwhile sunken) light cruiser Königsberg; gunners, 12 MGs; 5 million small-arms rounds, clothing, tobacco and Iron Crosses.

Sea War

Ionian Sea: Austrian U24 (ex-German UC12) sinks on own mines off Taranto, raised and reconstructed as Italian XI in March 1917.
North Sea: German U-boat sinks Dutch liner Tubantia, Palembang likewise on March 18.


Germany loans £20 millions to Turkey.

Occupied countries

Belgium: ­Brussels court martial sentences 2 female agents and 4 other Belgians to life imprison­ment or forced labour.

Home Fronts

France: General Roques succeeds Gallieni (sick) as War Minister.

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