Diary March 18, 1944

eruption of Mt Vesuvius 1944
A considerable number of US B-25 Mitchell‘s are destroyed by the eruption of Mt Vesuvius.
WW2 War Diary for Saturday, March 18, 1944:

Home Fronts

Italy: Eruptions from Mt Vesuvius; 2 villages engulfed by lava; 26 killed (March 18-22).
Hungary: Regent Horthy visits Hitler to request repatriation of Hungarian forces from Eastern Front but the Fuehrer declares his intention to occupy Hungary.

Air War

Germany: In heaviest raid of war to date, 769 RAF bombers drop 3,000 t. bombs on Frankfurt (night 18-19).


Italy: NZs repulsed with heavy losses at Cassino.

Sea War

Indian Ocean: 72 Allied prisoners (from MV Behar) beheaded aboard Japanese cruiser Tone.
Pacific: US battleships bombard Mili Atoll; Battleship Iowa damaged by coastal battery.

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