Diary March 19, 1917

Frech  battleship 'Danton'
The French battleship ‘Danton’ (completed March 1911) is classified as a ‘Semi-Dreadnought’ with 18,400 tons and just 4 x 12-inch main guns plus 12 x 9.4-inch guns.
World War One Diary for Monday, March 19, 1917:

Sea War

Mediterranean: U-64 sinks modern French battleship Danton (296 lost) southwest of Sardinia.
Kaiser Wilhelm II approves announcement that Allied hospital ships in Mediterranean no longer to be spared except in neutral corridor under strict conditions.

Eastern Front

Russia: Petrograd Soviet Executive Committee appoints commissars to all units.

Middle East

Mesopotamia: Maude’s proclamation to Baghdad promises Arab freedom. British take Falluja (west of Baghdad) ending Turk control of Euphrates sluice gates.

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