Diary March 21, 1917

US merchant ship 'Illlinois'
Already on March 18, the US merchant ship ‘Illlinois’ was sunk by a German submarine.
World War One Diary for Wednesday, March 21, 1917:

Sea War

North Sea: US tanker Healdton sunk (20 die) by U-boat in Holland safety zone.


USA: French Military Mission sails for New York.

Occupied Territories

Belgium: German decree partitions country with centres at Brussels and Namur; Flemish official language in West, French in Walloon districts.

Home Fronts

Russia: Ex-Tsar arrested at Mogilev (joins Tsarina at Tsarskoe Selo on March 22).
Austria: ­Government empowered to seize all supplies and fix prices (likewise in Hungary on March 23).

Western Front

Oise: French Third Army occupies Tergnier on Crozat Canal, fights its way across on March 22.

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