Diary March 22, 1917

Ex-Czar Nicholas from his prison
Ex-Zar Nicholas from his prison listens as Lloyd George, President Wilson of US, and Ribot, prime minister of France, exclaim: ‘We never deal with an autocratic government, never’. Nicholas muses: ‘Once these rascals were like brothers to me’.
World War One Diary for Thursday, March 22, 1917:


Russia: USA as first, Allies and Switzerland recognize Russian Provisional Government.

Air War

Eastern Front: German aircraft shoots down Russian Morane Parasol (No 317) into German wire southwest of Dünaburg.

Home Fronts

Germany: Interior Minister Reichstag speech praises Auxiliary Service Law, food restrictions not serious, health surprisingly good, infant mortality lower than peace­time.
France: Decree forbids imports except essential foods.

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