Diary March 23, 1917

Grneral Robert Nivelle
Grneral Robert Nivelle, the French Commander-in-Chief from December 1916 to May 1917.
World War One Diary for Friday, March 23, 1917:

Western Front

Germans flood Oise valley and La Fare (French near suburbs on March 24). Nivelle confesses to King Albert that ‘many people are against the offensive’.

Eastern Front

Germany: German proclamation to Russian soldiers blames English for war & Tsar’s abdication.
Baltic Provinces: ­Germans mass on Riga-Dvinsk front.
Rumania: Russians lose trenches west of Moinesci near river Trotus.


Britain: Lloyd George cables Russian Prime Minister Prince Lvov Revolution a portent for Prussian military autocracy.

Secret War

Austria: Emperor Charles and Count Czernin meet Princes Sixtus and Xavier at Laxenburg Castle, drafts letter to Poincare (March 24).

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