Diary March 24, 1917

Swearing of Russian troops
Swearing of Russian troops on the new Provisional Government, which wanted to continue the Tsar’s war. But the loyalty of the soldiers is fragile.
World War One Diary for Saturday, March 24, 1917:

Eastern Front

Russia – Russian Army proclaims loyalty to Provisional Government: Junior officer writes ‘There was a gulf between the troops and the officers which could not be bridged’.

Western Front

Somme: British troops occupy Roisel east of Peronne.


France: Government protests to neutrals against German devastation in newly evacuated French territory.
Bulgaria: Tsar Ferdinand of Bulgaria advises German Minister not to exploit Russia’s weakness by offensive (none planned on March 27).


Greece: Greek Government demands Italian troops’ withdrawal from Epirus. Allied Ministers return to Athens.
USA: Council of National Defense creates Commercial Economy, and General Munitions Boards (March 31)

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