Diary March 24, 1942

P-40 E falls victim to an Oscar
Although the USAAF’s P-40 Warhawk was technically superior to the Nakajima Oscar, it was often pilot skill that determined the victory in favour of the Japanese pilot in the early war years. Here, a Curtiss P-40 E falls victim to an Oscar air attack in the early months of 1942 over southeast Asia.
WW2 War Diary for Tuesday, March 24, 1942:

Air War

Southeast Asia: Major John Van Kuren Newkirk (‘Scarsdale Jack’) top fighter ‘ace’ (25 victories) of the AVG (‘Flying Tigers’) killed during sweep over Chiang Mai airfield, Thailand; aged 28.
Britain: British Army Air Corps formed.

Sea War

Mediterranean: Destroyer Southwold mined and sunk off Malta.

Occupied Territories

Poland: General Sikorski visits Roosevelt in Washington.


Egypt: General Election: Wafdists (Nationalists) win overwhelming victory.

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