Diary March 24, 1945

Advancing Russian troops in Poland in March 1945
Advancing Russian troops in Poland in March 1945: because now usually the Germans are only attacking when the Russian tanks have left their infantry far behind, the Russians now go on to lead deep tank attacks with mounted infantry.
Diary for Saturday, March 24, 1945:

Russian Front

Poland: Russians capture Zoppot, between Danzig and Gdynia.
Hungary: Tolbukhin’s forces sweep forward to Szekesfehervar (Stuhlweissenburg), 58 km southwest of Buda­pest.

Western Front

British Commandos occupy Wesel. Montgomery’s forces link up with airborne detachments.

Air War

Germany: Allied 18th Airborne Corps lands east of Wesel.

Sea War

Pacific: TF 58 annihilates Japanese convoy south of Kyushu.

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