Deployment German Forces 1942

Deployment of German armed forces (divisions, infantry, vehicles, artillery, air force, navy) by theaters of war in the summer of 1942.

Panzer IV of DAK
Panzer IV of DAK (German Afrika Korps) in the Western Desert.

Deployment German ground forces

The German distribution of ground forces by theaters of war in the summer (June-July) 1942 after TOE (tables of organization and equipment).
The actual average strength in the army, however, was only 88%. The units of the Army Group South in Southern Russia were largely completely refreshed at the cost of the others.

Army: divisions
Theaters of War Infantry, Mountain and Airborne motorized Infantry Armoured
Russian Front, Army Gr South49 1/3812
Russian Front, Army Gr Center 4948
Russian Front, Army Gr North 35 1/343 1/3
20th Army, Finland6 1/3--
Army Norway10 1/3-1
15th Army (Calais), Holland 11-1
7th Army (Normandy)8 1/3-1 1/2
1st Army (Southwest France)4-1
12th Army (Serbia, Greece)4 1/3--
Fortress Crete1--
DAK, Western Desert-12
Reserve Army, Germany1--
TOTAL18117 29.83
Infantry (TOE)
Theaters of War infantrymen automatic rifles sub-machine guns machine guns mortars light anti-tank weapons
Russian Front, Army Gr South 564,000?? 30,747 7,207?
Russian Front, Army Gr Center 525,000?? 28,260 7,820?
Russian Front, Army Gr North 366,000?? 19,467 5,674?
20th Army, Finland 46,000?? 2,139703?
Army Norway 96,000?? 5,107 1,446?
Denmark 9,000??500140?
15th Army (Calais), Holland 105,000?? 5,720 1,590?
7th Army (Normandy) 81,000?? 4,827 1,190?
1st Army (Southwest France) 42,000?? 2,220610?
12th Army (Serbia, Greece) 39,000?? 2,167607?
Fortress Crete 9,000??500140?
DAK, Western Desert 18,000??773193?
Reserve Army, Germany 6,000??22090?
TOTAL 1,906,000?? 102,647 27,410?
Vehicles and artillery
Theaters of War Tanks Assault guns, AFVs APCs Trucks Field guns AT guns AA guns
Russian Front, Army Gr South 2,130568? 63,867 4,683 4,646832
Russian Front, Army Gr Center 1,420284? 46,900 4,157 4,311732
Russian Front, Army Gr North 592284? 31,866 2,970 3,036512
20th Army, Finland--? 1,33336437676
Army Norway177-? 6,067773790136
15th Army (Calais), Holland 177-? 6,900849867144
7th Army (Normandy)266-? 4,900641652118
1st Army (Southwest France)177-? 3,40033834260
12th Army (Serbia, Greece)--? 2,16731632552
Fortress Crete--?500737512
DAK, Western Desert355-? 4,66714113436
Reserve Army, Germany--?-464812
TOTAL 5,294 1,136? 173,067 15,424 15,677 2,734

Deployment German air force

For the German Luftwaffe, only figures for September 1942 are available, but these are accurate by aircraft.

Strength Luftwaffe:
Theaters of War Fighter, night fighter Fighter bombers light bombers and Stukas medium and heavy bombers
Russian Front, Army Gr South322-162277
Russian Front, Army Gr Center and North612-202926
Finland and Norway100-5949
In the West (France, Low countries)521--222
Balkans, Crete, Western Desert111--41
Germany 327---
TOTAL 1,933-423 1,515

Deployment German Navy

The figures for the German Kriegsmarine refer to the summer of 1942, but are partial estimates.

Strength German Navy:
Theaters of War Battleships (BB,BC) heavy cruisers (CA) light cruiser (LCA) Destroyers (DD) Torpedo boats MTBs Subs Transport
France---6 (?)????
Baltic, North sea1 (damaged)2+1+?????
TOTAL3 (2 BC) 6 (including 2 Pocket-battleships, 2 old BB)4c.12c.12c.35315 c.615 (c.1.12m t available at start of war)

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