Diary March 27, 1916

dead Russian soldier
A dead Russian soldier lies where he fell.
Diary for Monday, March 27, 1916:

Russian Front

Western Russia: Front line totally waterlogged, Russian north wing ceases attacks (West Front losses 70,000 men).

Western Front

Flanders: British 3rd Division attack at St Eloi craters south of Ypres, captures 1st and 2nd line trenches on 600-yards front and repels counter-attack following day.

Southern Fronts

At Paris Conference Italian C-in-C Cadorna says ‘Italy still has inadequate artillery’.

African Fronts

Italian Somaliland: Buloburti garrison repulses dervishes; 320 infantry vainly pursue until April 6.

Air War

Salonika: German aircraft raid detonates French ammo dump.

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