Diary March 3, 1943

Panzer III is moving with the help of sprinkle
The hard to defend front angle around Rzhev and Vyazma is evacuated by the Wehrmacht with Operation ‘Buffalo’. This Panzer III is moving with the help of sprinkle in a new defense line near Smolensk.
WW2 War Diary for Wednesday, March 3, 1943:

Eastern Front

Central Sector: Rzhev – German stronghold west of Moscow – stormed by Russian forces. Russians now control long stretches of Moscow-Riga railway.

Air War

Scandinavia: Mosquito bombers attack Knaben molybdenum mines, Norway (vital to German steel industry).
Germany: RAF night raid on Hamburg, 344 bombers dropping 913t of bombs.
Britain: 117 German night raiders (6 lost) despatched to London: only 126 bombs on target. Anti-aircraft rockets supplement regular barrage but cause panic at Bethnal Green tube station, where 400 people pile up on the steps (173 suffocate, 62 injured).

Home Fronts

Britain: Death of Captain FitzRoy, Speaker of the House of Commons; age 73.

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