Diary March 30, 1918

French soldiers await a gas attack
French troops await a gas attack.
World War One Diary for Saturday, March 30, 1918:

Western Front

Somme: British, Australian and Canadian troops (including 1,400 cavalry) counter­-attack, recapture most of Moreuil Wood and 3 other woods. Marwitz’s 8 divisions gain only a mile, now 11 miles east of Amiens. French heavily engaged on 25­-mile front between Moreuil and Lassigny as 14 Germans divisions gain 2 miles on average, capturing 6 villages and doubling Avre bridgehead.

Middle East

Palestine: Third attack on Amman fails against citadel, night retreat ordered. NZ Brigade covers it on March 31.
Armenia: Turk I Caucasian Corps takes old Karaurgan frontier post, patrols penetrate c.8 miles.

Air War

Italian Front: Lieutenant Jerrard in Sopwith Camel of No 66 Squadron Royal Flying Corps (taken PoW) wins Victoria Cross for destroying 3 of 6 out of 19 Austrian fighters engaging 3 Camels.
Western Front: RFC personnel loss of 199 since March 24 highest weekly total of war until September 15-21.

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