Diary March 31, 1915

 invisible enemy
The invisible enemy: surface ships, torpedo boats and submarines in perfect harmony in a German naval base.
Diary for Wednesday, March 31, 1915:

Western Front

German Army ration strength 5,029,672 men.

Sea War

Germany: U-boats sank 29 ships (161 British lives lost) worth 89,517t in March, more than in whole war to date.
Austria: Admiral Haus defends Austria’s defensive naval strategy in long memo to ex-PM Baron Beck, ‘in many cases not to do anything is the only correct thing’, recognizes U-boats as ‘masters of the sea’. Francis Joseph approves on April 7.

Home Fronts

Britain: Armaments Output committee to organize skilled labor.
Russia: Transport Ministry created.
France: Absinthe Prohibition law.

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