Diary March 4, 1915

U-8 sunk
U-8 was the first U-boat lost, being sunk by ‘HMS Maori’ and ‘HMS Gurkha’ on March 4, 1915. The ram became the favorite method of submarine destruction.
Diary for Thursday, March 4, 1915:

Home Fronts

Britain: Admiralty decides the 29 PoWs of U8 cannot receive ‘honorable treatment’. Germany threatens reprisals on April 2.
Shells and Fuses Agree­ment allows use of unskilled labor and women.

African Fronts

Cameroons: Second Action at Harmann’s Farm: both sides retire, 550 British soldiers dig in at Fort Bare after some panic.

Sea War

Dardanelles: Anglo-French bombardment of Dardanelles forts continues. 5 troop transports arrive at Mudros. 300 Royal Marines (48 casualties) repulsed on both shores, only 4 MGs destroyed.
Admiralty sends instructions on reducing Bosphorus forts.
Enver Pasha request made in Vienna to buy 3 Austrian U-boats at Pola for Dardanelles defense, but only 2 operational and not feasible.

Air War

Dardanelles: Royal Navy Air Service and French float planes spot fall of shot for Allied bombardment of Turk forts.
Western Front: German Navy airship L8 shot down by Belgian troops en route to London.


Italy: Ambassador Imperiali tells British foreign minister Grey territorial conditions for joining Allies.

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