Diary March 4, 1916

Attacking German U-boat
Attacking German U-boat in the Atlantic.
Diary for Saturday, March 4, 1916:

Sea War

Germany: Tirpitz and Admiral Holtzendorff fail to get Kaiser’s Crown Council to back unrestricted U-boat warfare, postponed till April 1.
East Atlantic: U32 (Spiegel) opens new offensive sinking British tanker Teutonion 36 miles southwest of Fastnet, 13 U-boats sent to Southwestern Approaches (until April 24). UC-Boats lay 73 minefields with total of 710 mines, sinking 30 ships until April.

Western Front

Verdun: Franz Marc, German Expressionist painter killed, aged 36, by French shell at Gussainville Castle. Wrote of German wounded coming back ‘like a vision in hell’ (M;arch 3). Germans repulsed east of Poivre Ridge.

African Fronts

5th Indian Light Infantry (517 men) lands at Mombasa from Cameroons. Portuguese seize German ships at Lourenco Marques.


Anglo-Russian Military Demarcation Agreement on Persia expands latter’s 1907 share to line Khanikin-Isfahan­-Birdjan.

Home Fronts

Germany: 4th War Loan (­until March 24).

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