Diary March 5, 1941

Unloading Bofors in Greece
Unloading of a Bofors anti-aircraft gun of the British troops in a Greek port.
Diary for Wednesday, March 5, 1941:

Sea War

Mediterranean – Operation Lustre: 58,000 British troops convoyed from Alexandria (Egypt) to Greece (March 5 – April 2). Italian submarines carry out repeated, but unsuccessful, patrols along convoy routes.


Britain: Government severs diplomatic relations with Bulgaria.
Germany: Göring sees Rumanian dictator, General Antonescu, in Vienna about securing Rumanian participation in Operation Barbarossa .

Secret War

Italian soldiers captured by Greeks in Albania report that 1,500 Alpini troops have recently been drowned when transport Liguria was torpedoed and that Allied bombing raids have caused heavy casualties and great confusion behind Italian lines.

Oval@3x 2

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