Diary March 4, 1919

Kolchak troops
Kolchak troops in British caps, coats and equipment, but with Russian boots and cockades in spring 1919.
World War One Diary for Tuesday, March 4, 1919:

Siberia: Kolchak’s White ‘Ufa’ Offensive begins on 700­-mile front, advances up to 250 miles in 8 weeks taking 115,000 square miles and 5 million people.
USA­: Wilson New York speech on League of Nations but 37 senators back Lodge’s Anti-League resolution. US Army CoS gives total loss estimate.
Austria: New Parliament assembles.
Britain: War Cabinet decide to evacuate North Russia as soon as possible, ie June. Prime Minister addresses National industrial Conference. Cloth commandeered for demobiliza­tion suits. Canadian riot (over demobilization) at Rhyl, North Wales.

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