Diary March 5, 1916

Panoramic photograph East Africa
Panoramic photograph about the typical terrain of the combat area in East Africa, taken by the South African Royal Engineers.
Diary for Sunday, March 5, 1916:

African Fronts

East Africa – Smuts’ Kilimanjaro Offensive begins: Stewart’s 1st Division (4,000 men) advances from Longido. Smuts has total 18,400 men (+ 9,000 in garrisons); 57 guns (+ 9 in garrisons); 99 MGs (+ 25 in garrisons); 4 planes against 6,000 German soldiers, 18 guns, 37 MGs.

Middle East

Mesopotamia: New large Royal Navy gunboat Mantis joins Tigris flotilla.

Sea War

North Sea: Scheer sorties with High Seas Fleet (until March 6) to position off Texel (farthest south ever), nearly traps Harwich Force but Admiralty recalls it and weather thwarts Grand Fleet sortie.

Air War

Britain: Attempted raids on Forth area, Tyneside and Teesside by 3 German airships; 70 casualties in Hull, Lincs, Leics and Kent (night March 5/6).
Mesopotamia: Turk MGs shoot down Royal Flying Corps Voisin at Es­-Sinn.

Secret War

West Front: German Agent 17 Baron Schluga’s last report from Paris, retires. Died aged 76 in 1917.
New British DMI orders review of non-Western Front Intelligence Corps.

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