Diary March 5, 1917

column of Turkish cavalry
A column of Turkish cavalry moves in Palestine to the front.
World War One Diary for Monday, March 5, 1917:

Middle East

Palestine: Kress evacuates Wadi Sheikh Nuran for Gaza-Beersheba line.
Mesopotamia: Maude resumes advance; 13th Hussars’ charge foiled by second trench line.

Eastern Front

Russia: Romanian people of Austrian PoWs in Darnitsa Camp near Kiev sign oath to fight Dual Monarchy.


USA­: Wilson’s second term inaugural address ‘We stand fast on an armed neutrality.’
London Ambassador Page cables to US ‘France and England must have … enough credit in the US to prevent collapse of world trade’.


Austria: Government reply to USA backs U-boat war.
Russia: Lord Milner returns from Petrograd saying ‘it is quite wrong to suppose that in Russia there is any controversy about the waging of the war’.

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