Diary March 5, 1918

Treaty of Bukarest
Romanian Prime-Minister Alexandru Marghiloman signing the treaty.
World War One Diary for Tuesday, March 5, 1918:

Eastern Front

RUMANIAN-CENTRAL POWERS PRELIM PEACE (signed at Buftea on May 7): Dobruja ceded; Hungarian frontier to be ‘rectified’; 8 divisions to demobilize at once; Rumania to help Central Powers’ march on to Odessa and grant German trade privileges.
Finland­: Mannerheim cables Ludendorff, thanks Kaiser for weapons and insists on Finn command of German troops and non­interference (Hindenburg agrees on March 10).
Northern Russia: 130 Royal Marines land at Murmansk (French cruiser Amiral Aube arrives at Royal Navy request on March 19).
Latvia­: Falkenhayn (from Palestine) takes command of German Tenth Army for duration of war.

Western Front

Germany: Germans introduce new ultrasecure 5-letter field cipher for Ludendorff Offensive, but French (Painvin) first solve c. April 4, break it on April 26; by May 29 only two-day delay in reading it.
Flanders: Belgian counter­-attack north of Pervyse.

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