Diary March 5, 1943

destroyed Krupp armaments works in Essen
A part of the plant of the Krupp armaments works in Essen after the RAF bombing raids. Apart from the large chimney’s is virtuall nothing undestroyed anymore.
WW2 War Diary for Friday, March 5, 1943:

Air War

Germany: BATTLE OF THE RUHR OPENS with devastating raid on Krupps Works at Essen by 367 RAF night bombers (14 lost) led by Mosquito pathfinders, guided by ‘Oboe’ equipment. 1,211 t of bombs dropped on Essen (26 raids on targets in and near the Ruhr, March 5-6 to June 28-29, 1943).

Sea War

Atlantic: U-boat U 130 sinks 4 ships from Convoy XK-1.

Home Front

Finland: Coalition Government formed.

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