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Diary March 8, 1918

'Comrade Lenin is cleansing the world of dirt
Soviet poster: ‘Comrade Lenin is cleansing the world of dirt’, by sweeping away kings, priests and capitalists.
World War One Diary for Friday, March 8, 1918:

Eastern Front

USSR: Trotsky appointed People’s Commissar for War.
Baltic: Duchy of Courland’s throne offered to Kaiser; Germans declare protectorate on March 15.

Sea War

Irish Sea: German U-boat mine found off Walney Island (Lancashire). Mersey-laid mines found on March 9 and cleared by paddle-steamers in 48 hours.

Air War

France: 60 Gotha bombers (1 lost) drop 92 bombs on Paris (59 casualties).
Mesopotamia: Royal Flying Corps bombs and strafes Turks retreating from Hit (until March 10), 225 bombs dropped.

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