Diary May 12, 1944

Me 110 hit by US fighter
A heavy fighter Me 110 is hit by a US fighter.
WW2 War Diary for Friday, May 12, 1944:


Italy: Germans launch fierce counter-attacks along Gustav Line.

Air War

Germany: 800 US 8th Air Force bombers (46 lost), with heavy fighter escort (10 lost), attack synthetic oil plants at Leuna-Merseburg (60% lost), Bohlen (50%), Zeitz, Lutzkendorf and Brux (northwest of Prague, 100%). 600 USAAF bombers alone stike Mannheim area. Americans claim 150 fighters shot down.

Home Fronts

Britain: Death of Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch (‘Q’), novelist and editor of ‘The Oxford Book of English Verse’; aged 82.

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