Diary May 16, 1941

Italian artillery bombards  Tobruk
Italian artillery bombards Tobruk.
Diary for Friday, May 16, 1941:

North Africa

Rommel receives orders from Berlin to concentrate Afrika Korps against British at Sollum, leaving Italians to guard Tobruk siege ring.

Air War

Britain: NIGHT ‘BLITZ’ ON BRITISH CITIES ENDS with raid by 111 aircraft on Birmingham and West Midlands; RAF airfields also bombed (3 German aircraft lost).
German fighter-bombers raid Southeast England.
Germany: RAF night raid on Cologne (fires on both banks of Rhine); targets in France and Holland also raided (2 aircraft lost).
Middle East: He 111 planes bomb Habbaniyah (Iraq) causing serious damage.


Bolivia: Government takes over German-owned airline Lloyd Aero Boliviano.

Occupied countries

Denmark: Icelandic Parliament (Althing) issues formal declaration of independence from Denmark. Regent is appointed on June 17.

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