Diary May 16, 1916

 Italian Commander Cadorna
The Italian Commander Cadorna inspected Italian positions.
Diary for Tuesday, May 16, 1916:

Southern Fronts

Italian Front: Cadorna arrives at Thiene from Udine to conduct Trentino defence.

Middle East

Armenia: 15,000 Russians (new 127th Division) sail from Mariupol (Azov Sea) for Trebizond in 28 ships and land on May 21, 123rd Division follows on May 30.
Sinai: Anzacs storm Turk camp at Bayud; NZ troops raid Bir Salmana (20 miles East of Katia on May 31). British railway reaches Romani on May 19.

African Fronts

British Somaliland: Las Khorai, surrounded by Dervishs, relieved.
Chad: 737 French soldiers defeat Sultan Bakhit (submits 23 June) but flees into Darfur; captured on July 16.

Sea War

North Sea: Dover Patrol engages German destroyers off Belgian coast.
Mediterranean: German U-boat U39 (Forst­mann) cruise (until June 6) sinks 21 ships (2 neutral) worth 52,812t for only 5 torpedoes and 5 HE charges but 365 88mm shells (including 18-minute shelling of Porto Ferraio, Elba).
Black Sea: ­Russian Navy begins major amphibious operations (until May 30).

Air War

Western Front: 27 Anglo-German air combats, Royal Flying Corps lose 2, Germans lose 2 aircraft (13 indecisive ones following day). 2nd Lt Ball in 11 Squadron Bristol Scout sees first action against Albatros planes over Givenchy.


Iceland agrees with Britain to divert all exports from Germany.

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