Diary May 17, 1940

badly shaken Do 17
Sergeant Stephani of II/KG76 was attacking an ammunition carrier in low altitude on this day when the vehicle blew up. Badly shaken, the crew managed to get the Dornier Do 17 back to the airfield of Vogelsang.
Diary for Friday, May 17, 1940:

Western Front

Germans enter Brussels. Colonel de Gaulle‘s 4th Armored Division counter-attacks Guderian‘s XIX Panzer Corps at Montcornet, but is repulsed. General von Kleist reprimands Guderian for the ‘excessive’ speed and extent of his advance ! Guderian immediately resigns; he is persuaded to reverse his decision later in evening by List and Rundstedt.
XVI and XXXIX Panzer Corps detached from German 6th Army in Belgium and sent south to Meuse sector.

Air War

German bombers destroy Middelburg on Walcheren (Holland).

Sea War

Cruiser HMS Effingham hits uncharted rocks off Bodo (Norway) and capsizes (finally scuttled, May 21).
German aircraft commence minelaying operations outside French Channel ports, from Le Havre to Dunkirk (night May 17-18).
Venezuelan Navy seizes two German merchant ships at Maracaibo to prevent them leaving and causing diplomatic incidents.

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