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Diary May 2, 1918

German troops arrest suspected Bolsheviks
German troops arrest suspected Bolsheviks.
World War One Diary for Thursday, May 2, 1918:

Eastern Front

Don: Cossacks cable Kaiser for help against Bolsheviks.
Finland: Red Western Army collapses, 20,000 PoWs; 50 guns and 200 MGs.

Southern Fronts

Italy: Foch’s authority extended to Italian Front.

Sea War

Atlantic: U-boat sinks transport Tuscania (211 of 2,400 US troops lost) 7 miles north of Rathlin island.
Channel­: Dover Barrage sinks coastal submarine UB-31 and on May 8 also UC-78.

Home Fronts

Germany: Prussian Landtag votes 235-183 against equal suffrage; pro-equal suffrage meetings banned on May 25.
USA: Montana bans German language teaching and textbooks, half states curtail German by summer, much book burning.

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