Diary May 20, 1915

Fokker E monoplane goes into a dive
A Fokker E monoplane goes into a dive for attack. This mediocre fighter has a rigid MG, which can shoot through the propeller circle and is raging havoc among Allied planes.
Diary for Thursday, May 20, 1915:

Air War

Western Front: First 2 German MG-armed Fokker EI’s with interrupter gear arrive. First FE2b flown to France; RFC No 6 Squadron has 4 by September, 32 in service by December.
Eastern Front: Airship LZ30 accidentally burned in Posen shed.

Western Front

Flanders: First British (Royal Navy) kite balloon ascends near Poperinghe.

African Fronts

Southwest Africa: Botha meets Seitz at Giftkop (c.30 miles (ca. 48 km) north of Karibib) during 48-hours ceasefire. Seitz proposes armistice and neutral zone until general peace. Botha insists on unconditional surrender. 4,000 Germans still at large to north.

Sea War

Russia: Death of Admiral Essen, C-in-C Russian Baltic Fleet, aged 55. Succeeded by Vice-Admiral Kanin.


Italy: Government given extraordinary war powers, publishes Green Book on negotiations. Mobilization ordered for May 22.

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