Diary May 20, 1916

German machine-gun team
A German machine-gun team in action at Verdun.
Diary for Saturday, May 20, 1916:

Western Front

Verdun: Gallwitz’s 5 German divisions assault Mort Homme, seize the top summit of Hill 295.

Eastern Front

Russia: Italy appeals to STAVKA for diversionary Russian offensive, culminates in King’s telegram from May 22 to Tsar.

Southern Fronts

Trentino: Cadorna orders First Army to fight to last man, meets the two Isonzo army commanders at Udine and agrees measures for evacu­ation if Austrians reach plains behind them. Trentino 2nd line to be abandoned in favour of stronger 3rd line. Austrian III Corps attacks Italian 34th Division, takes Cima di Leva.

Secret War

Austrians intercept Italian radio signals about counterattack, by 0400 hours following day and deploy to check it.

Middle East

Armenia: Cossacks capture dissident Kurd major (near Kigi) with Turk Second Army plan.

Air War

Western Front: 18 inconclusive Anglo-German air combats.

Home Fronts

Montenegro: Prime Ministers Miuskovic open letter accuses King of treason; Prime Minister resigns, Radovic succeeds.

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