Diary May 21, 1941

Ju 52s landing under fire on and around Maleme airfield
Ju 52s landing under fire on and around Maleme airfield, bringing in Mountain troops as reinforcements.
Diary for Wednesday, May 21, 1941:

Air War

Airborne invasion of Crete: German airborne troops storm ‘Hill 107’, overlooking Maleme airfield (Crete). 80 Junkers Ju 52 crash-land on shell-swept airfield, bringing regiment of mountain troops.

Sea War

Mediterranean: British ‘Force D’ (3 cruisers and 4 destroyers) scatters seaborne invasion fleet north of Crete, destroying 10 converted fishing boats (night May 21-22).
Atlantic: American cargo ship Robin Moor sunk by U-boat U-69 (crew spend 2 1/2 weeks in open boats before rescue).

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