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Diary May 25, 1918

 position in the Alps 1918.
Austria-Hungarian position in the Alps 1918.
World War One Diary for Saturday, May 25, 1918:

Southern Fronts

Piave: Bersaglieri and Arditi surprise more Austrian Capo Sile positions and repel two counter­-attacks (night May 25-26).
Trentino: Alpini attack in Tonale­-Adamello region (west of Lake Garda) and capture line of five major peaks commanding upper Val Carnonica.

Eastern Front

USSR: First Congress of Councils of National Economy in Moscow.
Siberia: c.60,000-strong Czech Legion begins revolt against Reds.
Western Russia: Germans arrest 60 conspirators in Dvinsk.

Middle East

Armenia: Armenian 2nd Cavalry Regiment charge Turks successfully. Dro’s troops hold Bas-Abaran Defile north of Erevan (May 29) against Turk 3rd Regiment of 11th Division.
South Persia: 1,600 British (51 casualties) with 4 guns defeat Saulat’s 4,800 tribesmen (estimated 600-700 casualties) at Deh Shaikh 11 miles west of Shiraz and return there on May 27.

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