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Diary May 27, 1940

Private Hubert Brinkfort, the first German soldier who rewards the Knight Cross
Private Hubert Brinkfort, the first German soldier who rewards the Knight Cross. At this day he destroyed 11 British tanks near Abbeville in less than twenty minutes with his anti-tank gun at distances under 100 yards (ca. 91 m).
Diary for Monday, May 27, 1940:

Western Front

Guderian is permitted, by his superiors, to continue the advance from river Aa towards Dunkirk, employing motorized infantry (tanks to be held in reserve).
Franco-British counter-attacks against German 38th Corps holding Abbeville bridgehead south of the Somme; these attacks gravely threaten Germans May 29 but finally fail May 30.
LE PARADIS MASSACRE: 90 captured British soldiers from 2nd Battalion Royal Norfolk Regiment shot by detachment of SS Totenkopf Divsion in meadow near hamlet of Le Paradis, Pas-de-Calais.


French Foreign Legion, with light tanks, cross Rombaks Fjord and advance along iron-ore railway to Narvik (night May 27-28). Polish Brigade close in from the West.

Sea War

Atlantic: U-boat sinks Argentine SS Uruguay off Cape Finisterre (Argentina protests June 1 and later forbids its merchant ships to enter European waters).

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