Diary May 28, 1918

Battle of Cantigny
US troops supportted by French Schneider tanks advance during the Battle of Cantigny.
World War One Diary for Tuesday, May 28, 1918:

Western Front

Somme – Battle of Cantigny: First AEF offensive operation, by US 28th Infantry Regiment (3,874 men; 823 casualties), 1st Division captures village and beats off 3 counter­-attacks by German 82nd Reserve Division (c.1,000 casualties) until May 29.
Aisne: Germans now have 40-mile wide, 15-mile deep bridgehead across Aisne, also cross the Vesle. Ex-BEF GHQ liaison officer General des Vallieres, French 151st Division Commander, killed by German machine-gun at Juvigny. Allied stand at Vregny plateau and heights of St Thierry as 3 reserve divisions arrive. German officer reports ‘regrettable excesses … serious drunken­ness’.

Southern Fronts

Italian Front: Diaz informs Foch and CIGS Sir H Wilson that he has postponed his own offensive (towards Valsuguna) to deal with imminent Austrian one.

Middle East


Air War

Germany: 10 DH9s of No 99 Squadron attack rail targets at Bensdorf.
Western Front: Germans capture Magneux airfield on Aisne with all its aircraft. A second French bomber group joins Aisne air battle.

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