Diary May 29, 1918

French PoWs
French PoWs who were captured at the opening stages of the German offensive.
World War One Diary for Wednesday, May 29, 1918:

Western Front

Marne­: GERMANS CAPTURE SOISSONS, Fere-en­-Tardenois, Vregny plateau and heights south of the Vesle, cross river Ourcq French forced off ‘Paris Line’. Duchene tells Clemenceau his army ‘simply marching to the rear’.
Flanders: Germans repulsed near Mt Kemme!.

Eastern Front

USSR: Central Executive Committee decrees partial conscrip­tion for Red Army and forms Supreme Revolutionary Tribunal. Martial law in Moscow; Lenin sends Stalin to Tsaritsyn to organize food supplies.
Finland: Government forms special 5-man courts to try Reds (67,000 convicted, 265 executed); 11,783 Red PoWs die of disease until August.

Air War

Germany: Half of 12-strong formation of No 99 Squadron return with engine trouble, rest bomb Metz-Sablon railways.
Western Front: 4 French Spad fighter patrols (1 lost) first encounter new Fokker DVII and shoot 5 down.

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