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Diary May 3, 1940

Norwegian brigade commander surrenders
A Norwegian brigade commander signed the surrender of his unit.
Diary for Friday, May 3, 1940:


Surrender of Norwegian forces in Trondheim area.

Western Front

Hitler postpones Gelb offensive from May 5 to May 6 (further postponements on May 4, 5, 7 and 8).
General Huntziger, commander French 2nd Army, orders demolition of anti-tank obstacles (built without his sanction !) on two main roads from Ardennes forest.

Secret War

Colonel Oster of the Abwehr tells Colonnel Sas, Dutch military attaché in Berlin, that Germany will attack Low Countries soon (probably May 8).

Air War

RAF bomb Ry (Denmark), Fornebu and Stavanger airfields.

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