Diary May 31, 1940

French soldiers surrender
French soldiers surrender to the Germans.
Diary for Friday, May 31, 1940:

Western Front

French 1st Army surrenders in Lille sector after 4-day siege. BEF withdraws from Belgian sector of Dunkirk pocket (night May 31-June 1). French recapture part of Abbeville.

Sea War

68,000 troops evacuated from Dunkirk. French destroyers Sirocco and Cyclone torpedoed by German E-boats; 6 British destroyers damaged by bombing.
Merchant shipping losses in May 1940: 100 Allied ships with 285,893 tons in the Atlantic, 1 Allied ship with 2,568 tons elsewhere.
1 U-boat sunk in the Atlantic, Arctic or Baltic.

Air War

20 LeO-451s (9 lost) attack Amiens and Abbeville, Douglas DB-7 bombers make low-level attacks on German columns near St Quentin.


Japanese High Command in China announces its intention to bomb Chiang Kai-shek‘s capital of Chungking daily ‘until the spirit of Chinese resistance is broken’.


USA: Roosevelt sends $1,000 Millions supplementary emergency defense budget to Congress.

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