Diary May 31, 1941

German paratroopers Crete
German paratroopers fighting forward in the difficult terrain of Crete .
Diary for Saturday, May 31, 1941:

Middle East

Armistice signed between British and Iraqi Army.


Thailand: Death of ex-King Prajadhipok, son of Chulalongkorn, at Virginia Water, England, aged 47.

Air War

Neutral Ireland: Dublin bombed in error by German aircraft under orders to attack Bristol and Liverpool: 28 killed, 87 seriously injured.

[tableX caption=”The Blitz” colwidth=”33|33|33″ colalign=”left|center|center”]
British civilian casualties Battle of Britain, Dead, Injured
British civilian losses (September 1940 – May 1941), “39,678”, “46,119 ”

Sea War

Merchant shipping losses in May 1941: 119 Allied ships with 436,544 tons in Atlantic, 20 Allied ship with 74,498 tons elsewhere.
20 Axis ships with 74,498 tons in Mediterranean.
1 U-boat sunk in the Atlantic, Arctic or Baltic. 32 serviceable U-boats in Atlantic.

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