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Diary May 4, 1916

Ilya Muromets
Over 80 Ilya Muromets were built. They were able to operate with relative impunity, although with limited accuracy.
Diary for Thursday, May 4, 1916:

Air War

Eastern Front: IM heavy bomber Ilya Murmometz II (Pankratiev) flies first of 5 successful armed reconnaissance missions during May over Yazlovetch-Bugatch and Yazlovetch-Rusilov sectors and helps capture of Yazlovetch.

Middle East

Mesopotamia: Kut garrison’s 420 officers taken away by paddle steamer to Baghdad.

Sea War

Germany: Rules of cruiser warfare to be observed by U-boat commanders if ships do not try and escape or resist.
Adriatic: French submarine Bernouilli blows stern off Austrian destroyer Csepel at Cattaro entrance.


Germany: Government Sussex ‘pledge’ reply to US note, will not sink vessels without warning, US accepts on May 8.


USA: ­Congress doubles West Point cadets. US Marines land in Santo Domingo to restore order.

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