Diary May 7, 1915

Liner Lusitania
The British liner Lusitania, bound for England from New York, was sunk by a German sub without warning off the Irish coast. Its loss hardened US public feeling against Germany.
Diary for Friday, May 7, 1915:

Sea War

Irish Sea: Unescorted unarmed British Cunard liner LUSITANIA (32,000t) SUNK in 20 minutes, torpedoed from 765 yards (0.7 km) without warning off Old Head of Kinsale (Southwest Ireland) by U20 (Schwieger); 1,198 (including 124 Americans) dead.
North Sea: British destroyer Maori mined and sunk.
Baltic: Russian cruisers engage German cruiser München off Libau which Russians evacuate. New German destroyer V107 crippled by mine entering the port next day.
New Royal Navy submarine base is Dago Island off Gulf of Riga. German land advance has forced move from Libau. E9 attacks and wrongly claims German transport off there after firing 5 torpedoes at 3 transports and cruiser Roon escort.

Western Front

Artois: French begin demolition fire until next day but hampered by no high ground for observation.

Eastern Front

Carpathians: Russians retreat to river Wistok and blow up Lupkow Pass tunnel.


Japan: Government ultimatum to China, accepted by deadline.

Home Fronts

Britain: Compulsory three-year bonding replaces increased liquor duties.

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