Diary May 7, 1918

Signing of the Treaty of Bucharest
Signing of the Treaty of Bucharest.
World War One Diary for Tuesday, May 7, 1918:

Eastern Front

PEACE OF BUCHAREST BETWEEN RUMANIA AND CENTRAL POWERS: Bulgaria gets all land lost in 1913, Central Powers to control Danube estuary, 1/3 Army to be demobilized at once; indefinite military occupation (Mackensen C-in-C in May 11).

Western Front

Heavy rain on Flanders, Artois and Somme fronts. Canadian Corps withdrawn into reserve (until July 15); 5,690 casualties since March 21 although only Canadian Cavalry Brigade in major battle.

Secret War­

USSR: Sidney Reilly (MI1c) arrives in Moscow and tries to see Lenin.

Middle East

Mesopotamia: General Cayley occupies burning and famine­-stricken Kirkuk (until May 8), 600 Turks sick and 3 damaged planes taken but evacuated with 1,600 refugees (May 11-24) due to supply difficulties.

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