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Diary May 7, 1943

Axis PoWs Tunis
Axis PoWs stream out of Tunis.
WW2 War Diary for Friday, May 7, 1943:


Tunisia: British occupy Tunis. Americans take Bizerta.

Air War

Britain: Fighter-bomber raid on Great Yarmouth: there are 4 day and 1 night raids on Yarmouth and Lowestoft in 1943.

Sea War

Mediterranean: British destroyers of Force K and Force Q blockade Cap Bon to prevent Axis ‘Dunkirk’-style evacuation from Tunisia.
Baltic: Russian submarines, supported by aircraft and minesweepers, make unsuccessful attempts to break through German-Finnish blockade.

Home Fronts

Canada: House of Commons vote to contribute additional $1 billion towards the war effort.

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