Diary May 7, 1945

Unconditional surrender of Wehrmacht
The signing of the unconditional surrender of the German Wehrmacht in General Eisenhower’s headquarters at Rheims by General Jodl and Admiral von Friedeburg (in front of with his back to the photographer).
Diary for Monday, May 7, 1945:


UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER OF GERMANY. General JodI signs instrument of surrender at 2.41 am in schoolroom at Rheims.

Western Front

Allied forces occupy Emden and Wilhelmshaven and move into Eastern Holland and Denmark. Hungarian Prime Minister, Szalasi, captured by US 7th Army near Salzburg. Hungarian Crown Jewels found in railway carriage.

Russian Front

Siege of Breslau ends after 82 days. 40,000 Germans captured.

Sea War

U-2336 claims last U-boat victims in WW2 – coasters Avondale Park and Sneland, off Firth of Forth. U-320 sunk by RAF Catalina off Bergen; last U-boat sunk by Allied forces in WW2.
U-Boat Losses 1945: 153 sunk, 217 scuttled, 187 surrendered.

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