Diary May 8, 1945

 last German evacuation transport
One of the last German evacuation transports across the Baltic Sea.
Diary for Tuesday, May 8, 1945:

Sea War

Final German evacuation convoys from Courland (Latvia); 126 small craft. 1,420,000 people evacuated from Pomerania and East Prussia since January 25.
Liberty ship Horace Binney mined off Flushing and almost broken in two, but remarkable salvage operation saves ship and cargo.

Home Fronts

VE-DAY (‘Victory in Europe’): great celebrations.


In Berlin, Field Marshal Keitel, Marshal Zhukov and Air Marshal Tedder ratify Rheims surrender document.

Russian Front

Dresden occupied by Russian forces.

Occupied countries

Norway: Crown Prince Olaf lands at Oslo from British warship and proclaims surrender of German occupying forces.
Czechoslovakia: Capitulation of German garrison in Prague to Russian troops.

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