Diary November 10, 1918

Kaiser Wilhelm II crossing the border
Kaiser Wilhelm II crossing the border into Dutch exile.
World War One Diary for Sunday, November 10, 1918:


Germany: Kaiser crosses into Holland at Eysdin at about 0700 hours with 70 staff in 11 cars, waits for and reboards imperial train for journey through Liege (Crown Prince follows him on November 12 with 4 staff).
Rumania: King an­nounces nation has resumed war on Allied side (General Berthelot crosses Danube in Wallachia).
Czechoslovakia­: Masaryk elected President in Geneva. 2 Hungarian divisions drive 1,100 Czechoslovaks from Slovakia.
Britain: Mannerheim arrives from Finland at Aberdeen.

Western Front

Germany: Chancellor radios Armistice delegation after 1800 hours to sign.
Sambre: CANADIAN 3rd DIVISION ENTERS MONS (264 Canadian casualties) overcoming diehard MG squads; town cleared of German 62nd Regiment (12th Division) by dawn November 11.
Meuse: Gouraud’s right wing (French Fourth Army) reaches Mezieres; Germans abandon gun parks, huge store dumps and rolling stock. US First Army assault crosses Meuse.
Moselle: US Second Army (Bullard), including 92nd Division (Negros; 1,000 casualties), attacks towards Briey Basin (blast furnaces and iron ore workings).
Lorraine: Mangin gives Legion RMLE its 9th, final and record citation in Army Orders, unit in sight of Metz on November 11.

Southern Fronts

Balkans – Allies cross Danube: 2 French battalions at Ruschuk into Rumania (also at Sistova and Nikopol on November 11), Serb First Army crosses unopposed around Belgrade into Hungary.
Alps: Some German troops cross Austrian frontier into North Tyrol but soon dissolve into desertion and Italians occupy Brenner Pass where Commander of 4th Bavarian Division says he will retire to Germany on November 11.

Middle East

Turkey: Sultan appoints Tewfik Pasha (ex-London Ambassador) to form pro-Allied government (Assembly approves on November 18).
Mesopotamia: Turks evacuate Mosul for Nisibis.

Sea War

North Sea: Paddle minesweeper HMS Ascot (53 crew lost) sunk by coastal submarine UB-67 off Northeast England.
Britain: Naval staff discuss desirability of abolishing the submarine.
Western Mediterranean: Newly arrived Brazilian Squadron fires in error on US submarine chasers during anti-submarine operation.

Air War

Germany: 11 DH4s (1 lost) of No 55 Squadron bomb railways at Ehrang. Low cloud, mist and heavy anti-aircraft fire prevent them reaching Cologne; 5 killed, 7 injured in central Metz by Handley Page bomber (night November 10-11).

Occupied Territories

Belgium: German soldiers hoist red flag in Brussels.

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